Best Premature Ejaculation Book: Ejaculation Freedom By Dan Becket

Ejaculation Freedom by Dan Becket

I often get guys asking me what is the best premature ejaculation training program to buy. In the past, my answer was not to bother with most of them as they really didn’t offer a lot.

That has all changed now that Dan Becket has released his Ejaculation Freedom book and training program to the public. It’s light years ahead of other programs or books on offer and it’s the first time that guys have access to an online program that is as effective as seeing a personal coach.

Why I’ve Rated Ejaculation Freedom The Number 1 Premature Ejaculation Program

There’s a whole lot of reasons why the Ejaculation freedom book is a game-changing release, and I’ll get to those.


Ejaculation Freedom Review

Now we will look at why the Ejaculation Freedom ebook by Dan Becket is different and why it is the number one premature ejaculation training guide around.

Created By A Real Coach

Dan also coaches men on how to last longer in bed personally (it’s now almost impossible to get a spot with a 2-year waiting list) and this has allowed him to tweak his methods all the while getting feedback in real-time from his clients.

This means that he has seen where guys have been most likely to fail and make sure that doesn’t happen to the users of his guide.

Huge variety in training methods

In the old days training methods to try and prevent premature ejaculation were limited to the “stop and start” method, edging, and Kegels. And that’s just about all you’ll find in many other books and guides but in the Ejaculation Freedom program that’s a tiny fraction of all the training, and after taking just a skim through the content page you can see why it has been working so well.

Can Complete on your own

This is the first time that guys can get this level of professional coaching and support without having to see a coach face to face.

Many guys couldn’t think of anything worse than having to talk to someone about their premature ejaculation difficulties and I know that this has been a huge roadblock stopping guys from getting the professional help they needed in the past.

With the Ejaculation Freedom program able to be fully completed at home and on your own there really is no reason for guys to continue to experience premature ejaculation.

Where To Download Ejaculation Freedom?

The program is only available from the official site at  (pdf format) where Dan explains exactly what the program is all about and how it will help you last longer in bed naturally through learning 7 key skills.

However, the more I review the Ejaculation Freedom book, the more I am wasting your time and the longer it will be until you get started. All you need to know is that if you can’t last in bed and want to do something about it then go and download the ejaculation freedom book right now. Good luck with it!

Next, I’d like to look at why so many of the other programs available in the past have been lacking.

Problems With Most Premature Ejaculation Books

Here’s the kind of premature ejaculation books you should avoid

One man’s story

What works for one guy will not always work for the next. And this is a major floor in many of the books about treating PE.

Sold By Affiliate Marketers

These ebooks used to flood online searches but are becoming less common now. These are heavily marketed ebooks promoted by affiliate marketers and usually sold through the Clickbank network. They have a lot of bold claims and fake reviews and will often attempt to “upsell” your purchases relentlessly. Despite this, the quality of these books is extremely poor and should be avoided.

Overly spiritual

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with spiritual guides to sex and relationships. I have read many of these myself and they are great at improving sexual relationships and understanding between couples.

When it comes to treating premature ejaculation you really need something more structured and scientific. Without this structure and a full range of training methods, many guys are going to fall through the cracks and fail to last longer.

The great thing about the Ejaculation Freedom program is that it includes all of the useful parts of the above types of books without the bloat and in a step-by-step and structured manner.

The section in Ejaculation Freedom about achieving flow, for example, has its roots in Buddhism, spirituality and mindfulness yet shows guys how to implement it in a straightforward and non-spiritual manner.

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